If you like cars, you can definitely find something of interest on this website. There are car shows, cars for sale and a PowerPoint of the 98 cars I have owned (5 MB), and of the French Citroen (4 MB), which built the most beautiful and the ugliest cars that ever hit the road; an artistic presentation of old highway signs (4 MB) at Penn DOT in Meadville, Pennsylvania. PowerPoint files may be placed in your Download folder. On August 8, 2016, a friend gave me a Honda 550 NightHawk motorcycle. Except for a Vespa Roller, this was my first motorcycle!


I attend car shows from time to time and take lots of pictures. It is cheaper than buying cars and much easier than working on them, but not as much fun as driving them. I posted about 150 pictures from the 2011, 2013 and 2016 Pumpkin Run, my favorite local show.


32 of the vehicles I have owned since 1953 were built to carry 7 or more passengers, including nine Volkswagen Vans and four Roadmaster Estate Wagons. I have another page of station wagons of all kinds on this site. My present collector car is a 1994 Roadmaster "Woody" and our daily driver is a 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis. Since retiring, we have had 14 cars and 30 sailboats. Here is a multi-page story of our 14 retirement vehicles and another page about Volkswagens.

Car Crazy is about 40 pages long (it can be downloaded in Word format), and some say it is worth reading. Here is an interesting article about our 1974 Ford Pinto wagon experiences in Austria

Believe it or not, this retired missionary bought his wife a nice Mercedes 450SL, but she preferred to drive the Buick Roadmaster!