Our Car and Boat Entries in the local Memorial Day Parade

In 2012, I decided to enter a boat in the local Memorial Day Parade. I had several boats to choose from and selected a newly restored Minifish that I called my "Hawaiian Rootbeer Float." I made a light-weight trailer so I could walk in the Memorial Day Parade pulling it behind me.

Did you know that sailboats are powered by renewable energy? Most people know that the wind provides propulsion, but the water also provides energy. That is why a sailboat can sail against the wind! Many sailboats have solar cells to charge batteries which operate lights, instruments, radios etc.. It is a well-known fact, that most recreational sailboats stay in their berths when the sun isn't shining, so one might say that they are also solar powered!

I sold the little "Hawaiian Root Beer Float" on eBay

People applauded the Minifish, so I decided to enter a restored Phantom in 2014. This time I towed it with our "woody" Roadmaster Estate Wagon. Of course I had to carry a surfboard (actually a windsurfer) on the roof rack!.

This Phantom sits on a classic 1956 TeeNee trailer.

After a couple of year's pause, I entered a Mistral 12 in the 2019 parade. I got lined up with a dozen tractors, one of which was a Chevy 350 V8-powered Farmall. Believe it or not, my boat was the only one in the parade, and the applause of spectators often drowned out the noise of the tractors!

Some people used to joke about my huge 18-ft Roadmaster Woody being pregnant, so I added a Roadmaster Jr. to the family. So far he likes to ride on the roof rack where the surfboard used to be (I installed wood sides to make it a genuine Roadmaster Woody.

Now if I can find a Mini Mistral to pull behind the Mini Roadmaster Woody, I might win a prize!  I will sell both Roadmaster woodies, the Mistral sailboat and trailer for only $9995.

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