In March of 1998, I turned 60. My son-in-law thought he should buy me something really special for my birthday. Digital cameras were just coming in vogue and he knew I liked photography, so that was his choice. As a computer programmer, he was quite thorough researching and finally chose the Minolta Dimage V.

Users of modern digital cameras would sneer at many of the features of the Dimage V. The 4 AA batteries are exhausted before you can shoot the maximum of 16 pictures in "fine" mode (120KB per photo!) or 40 photos of 50 KB in standard mode. The LCD monitor is only 1.8 inches measured diagonally and the weak flash seems to take an eternity to recharge.

But this camera has one great feature that I have never seen on another camera. The lens is unique! You can swivel it 360 degrees to shoot photos in any direction without changing the position of the camera and monitor. You can even make a self portrait.

The best part is the possibility of detaching the zoom lens completely and reconnecting it to a special extension cord. If people are blocking your view at a parade, for example, you can hold the lens up high and get excellent shots. You can even attach the lens to a tripod. At our son's wedding, I took pictures of the bride's shy cousin who didn't want her picture taken. I simply took off the lens, connected the cable and shot pictures with the camera lying on the table. You can even take pictures around corners with the Dimage V -- which is probably why there are no cameras like that today! It's a great spy camera!

I love this camera for the reasons above, but I can no longer use it. The 2 MB Smart Media card was apparently only made for this camera. Minolta has merged with Konica and no longer provides support.

I am looking for a Minolta PC Card Drive CD-10 with which to download pictures to my computer, please send me a heads up if you know where I can get one!

I have a Minolta PC Card Adapter CA-1S PCMCIA

I wish I could attach this lens to my Lumix mirrorless 4/3 camera!