Mistral 12 Sailing at Somers Point, NJ (YouTube video)

I found this 12-foot Dinghy on Craigslist. The seller said that the boat would be sold to the highest bidder by Tuesday.  It was Saturday and we were leaving for a week's vacation, so I asked my brother to offer $400. The boat was like new, on a galvanized trailer and had a small electric trolling motor and other extras, so I really didn't expect to get it. The photos say the rest.

The boat was manufactured in 1982 by Canadian Yacht Builders, Quebec. You would never guess by this wierd HIN!

Selling Boat and Trailer for $1,950

The Swiss company, Mistral, has been well-known in Europe for its windsurfers since the late seventies. During the eighties, Mistral was #1 in windsurfer competition and it is still a favorite brand of competitive windsurfers. Today, the company has subsidiaries around the world that make windsurfers, paddleboards, sportswear, bags & attachments, sunglasses and even cosmetics! The now defunct Canadian Mistral company in Quebec built a number of sailboat models during the eighties. Below are pictures of other Mistral sailboats.


The Mistral 16s were most popular (next four photos)

Some of the 16' Mistrals were fitted with a small cabin

Download a PDF of the Mistral 16 Manual (2.7 mb)


Mistral 4.04 (13' 3")


Below: Mistral windsurfer, Mistral 4.07 (15' 4") in the center and a Mistral 4.04

Mistral 4.07